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Maryland Sheep & Wool 2017!

It was another great year at The Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival, folks!

This year I went with my sister, Hannah, brother-in-law, Everitte, and niece, Claire!

There was SO much to see and take in!

Hannah, Claire, and I fell in love with these amazing fluffy purses…

And this very nice lady was kind enough to allow photographs AND point us in the direction of the “Everything Coopworth” booth and these AMAZING sheep-head-ears!!! 😍 🤣😍

Clearly, Everitte was the black sheep of the family… 😉🐑

We saw some sheep shearing…

And so many lovely sheep! ❤️

And of course, I couldn’t resist picking up a few new additions to my yarn stash… 😄 

This stunning sock blank by Knitty and Color is a birthday gift from Hannah & Everitte! (Thank you so much, guys!! ❤️) I can’t wait to cast on some socks!! 😊

And of course I couldn’t pass up these 100% Merino wool beauties…

Next year, I want to take a class or two… I’ll need to check out the classes earlier than I did this year because they were sold out by the time I even started looking! 

Were you able to make it to the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival this year? Do you have a favorite fiber festival that you attend regularly? I’d love to hear all about it! 😊

~Happy Knitting!!!

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The Bunny

Meet The Bunny

The Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival is a yearly tradition for me. And every year while I’m there, I visit the Angora Rabbits. I hold them. I pet them. I watch the owner spin their wool into yarn while the bunny snuggles on her lap. Every year I consider buying an Angora Rabbit of my own, and then reality catches up with me in time to prevent me from actually doing it. But not this year. This year I jumped in with both feet and I came home with my very own French Angora Rabbit!

Gris, Me, & Mom @ the Festival

Meet Gris (pronounced, “Gree”)…

“Gris” is the French word for “gray.”

His favorite activities are:

  • Eating (greens, hay, pellets, you name it!)
Gris will try almost anything, even old leaves!
  • Exploring the property (we do this together)
    We’re ready to go exploring!

    Hmmm… where to go next?

    Maybe down by the creek!

    • Sneaking under the deck railing into the flower beds whenever my back is turned!
    What?! Me?! Sneak under there? Never!
    Quick! Before Mommy sees me…!

    • Nose/ear rubs (he chatters his teeth in a happy rabbit purr)!
    Bunny snuggles
    Gris likes to stay close…

    Of course, he has no idea that his name is Gris since I call him “Bunny” when I talk to him. He’s very smart and actually responds to “Bunny;” hopping right over to see what’s up!

    Bunny hears his “name” called

    You see, this year, I realized that if I didn’t do something differently, if nothing changed, I really might forever dream about The Bunny and never get one.

    I couldn’t bear that thought.

    So this time when I was looking at all of the adorable Angora Rabbits, instead of thinking about why it couldn’t or shouldn’t work for me, I thought about how to make it work. And something wonderful happened! I found that reality was actually on my side for a change! I’m completely in love with my bunny, and I’m so glad I finally took the plunge!

    So you’ll have to excuse me, I’m afraid, as I must go and play with my Bunny now…

    Come on, Mom! It’s time to play!!

    Have you ever thought about getting a rabbit? Do you have a pet rabbit? We’d love to hear all about him/her!


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    Maryland Sheep & Wool 2015

    I’ve been looking forward to sharing with you all about one of the biggest highlights of my year: The Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival! 🐏🐏🐏

    Mom and I go every year; it’s sort of become our Mothers Day tradition. 😊💕 This year, my sister in law, Annelies, and little niece, Vera, came too!

    It was so nice to have them along, and we had such a marvelous time!

    And yes, I stayed up late the night before, blocking my Lace Leaf Shawl on the floor of my parent’s guest room so that I could wear it to the festival! 😉

    There was a lot of fabulous yarn bombing going on at the festival, and I am a huge fan of yarn bombing!…

    There were beautifully yarn bombed trees and fences…

    … all along the path leading into the festival…

    …and adorable little knitted and crocheted sheep dotted about here and there…

    …even the entrance itself…

    …was decorated with colorful knitting!

    Here is one of my very favorite things about the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival – so many fiber-arts-loving people relaxing outdoors and working on their projects together! I always find myself wishing that I had brought my camp chair so I could sit down and join in!

    There were more vendors than I could count, and they were all amazing!…

    The sheer range of colors on display was staggering!

    This vendor (Woolbuddy, I believe) had adorable and fascinating felted items; and just look at that enormous felted giraffe!!

    Many vendors had items made from their yarns on display; this particular vendor (Scandinavian Weave and Knit) would give you the pattern for free with your yarn purchase!

    In addition to those outdoors under tents, there were also many vendors inside the vast tunnel-like buildings…

    Aren’t the colors amazing?!

    We could not get over these booties! Aren’t they precious?! We would have gotten some for Vera, but she’s growing so fast that they would have been too small in just a week or two… Nevertheless, they are totally adorable!

    Another thing I absolutely love about the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival is the people. All the many people wearing lovely handknit or crocheted garments they crafted themselves, or perhaps were gifted by a friend or loved one…

    We met these two lovely ladies and their gorgeous handknit shawls just inside the entrance!

    Just look at these amazing hats! Aren’t they fab?!

    I love the colors, shapes, and textures on her vest…

    …and this lovely lace knit sweater!

    This stunning circular shawl had to be the most spectacular sighting of the day, though!

    And then there were the animals, the wonderful animals!

    We saw angora goats…

    …keeping cool in the shade…

    …lots of lovely sheep…

    This friendly little guy just wanted to play!

    And it looks like he found the perfect buddy! 😊

    Sheep are very social…

    …clearly, they like to be together! ☺️

    And let’s not forget the angora rabbits!…

    And what treasures, I’m sure you’re all wondering, did I bring home with me from the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival?…

    These lovely gradients are from the Fiber Optics booth! I’m planning to knit an Echo Flowers shawl with the lace weight neon gradient, and the lovely fingering weight raspberry gradients are going to be a pink and white shawl for my sister Melody!

    These beauties are from the Scandinavian Weave and Knit booth! Their yarns were absolutely stunning, and so were all of their knitting patterns! It was really hard to leave their booth… I haven’t yet decided exactly what to make with these gorgeous skeins…ideas…suggestions…?

    I’m good at spinning in the worsted style, and now I’m learning to spin in the woolen style. I picked up these gorgeous balls of roving from Riverside Farm’s booth and plan to spin some nice soft yarn once I get a bit more practice in!

    These are some lovely gems I picked up at the festival as well…

    This lovely glass bead was hand made by Kris Schaible. Isn’t it stunning?! I got a second one for my aunt-in-law who is into beadwork, and she loved it! Kris was kind enough to mount both beads on lovely ribbons for me so they’d be ready to wear!


    This lotion is the best!

    It’s all natural, smells heavenly, and feels even better! It even works wonders for sunburn! 😊❤️

    Does anyone else enjoy the Maryland Sheep & Wool? If so, we want to hear all about it! What do you like best?

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    Current Events

    The Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival is this weekend, May 2nd and 3rd! I’m so excited, I can hardly wait!! Mom and I go together every year, it’s our tradition! We missed last year because of my surgery, so we’ve been looking forward to this a long time! This year is also special because Annelies is planning to bring Vera and join us! It’s going to be loads of fun!

    At the Maryland Sheep & Wool there are so many fascinating vendors with lovely yarns; wools for spinning, dying, and felting; and beautifully handmade fiber craft tools. And I love seeing the animals – sheep,  alpacas, llamas, and angora rabbits! The sheepdog trials are always such fun to watch! And the people! So many interesting people, and so many of them wearing gorgeous handmade items they crafted themselves, or gifted to them by a loved one or friend! If you are in the area this weekend, I heartily encourage you to make the time to stop by!

    In other news, I decided that my Lace Leaf Shawl needed to be knit on larger needles…

    So, during a car ride of several hours a couple weekends ago, I started over on size 7s (4.5mm). (I had originally been using size 5s (3.5mm)).

    Having a second ball of “Row of Tulips,” I played it safe…

    I cast on with the larger needles and the second ball of yarn, knit for awhile…

    … and then compared the two fabrics. I decided that I liked the fabric resulting from the bigger needles better, so I kept knitting on that one, and pulled out and re-wound the other!

     There’s been plenty of knitting time, so I’ve made good progress…

    ready to begin the edging
    finishing up the edging

    I’m just starting to cast off. Perhaps I’ll have it done in time to wear to the Sheep & Wool?!

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    Maryland Sheep and Wool 2013

    My Mom and I go to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival together. We’ve done it three years in a row so it is now our special tradition and we look forward to it every year! And this is the second year in a row that my sister in law, Annelies has joined us! So it’s her tradition with us too!

    I’m not such a great photographer, but I’m working on it, and I’ll share a few photos with you:

    Mom and Sarah at MD Sheep and Wool 2013
    photo Mom and Sarah at MD Sheep and Wool 2013

    The weather was beautiful; sunny and breezy, not too hot or too cool!

    English Angora Rabbit
    English Angora Rabbit

    I fell absolutely in love with the English Angora Rabbits! Joe (my husband) does not realize how lucky he is to have a wife who realizes the importance of not stressing out one’s husband by bringing home unexpected new pets on the fly! One day, however, I am determined to have at least one (preferably two) English Angora Rabbits! I am willing to wait a very long time, be very patient, and endure many compromises in order to accomplish this goal! 😉

    Spin Bunny
    Spin Bunny

    You can actually hold the Angora bunny on your lap, gently pluck the fiber from its back, and spin it right there! Amazing!

    Mom modeling my knits
    Mom modeling my knits

    After a long and fun day at the S&W, we relaxed back at Mom and Dad’s while Mom modled some of my latest knits and Joel (my brother) entertained everyone by making silly faces in the background! What a wonderful weekend with family!

    What fun times with family would you like to share?