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Maryland Sheep & Wool 2017!

It was another great year at The Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival, folks!

This year I went with my sister, Hannah, brother-in-law, Everitte, and niece, Claire!

There was SO much to see and take in!

Hannah, Claire, and I fell in love with these amazing fluffy purses…

And this very nice lady was kind enough to allow photographs AND point us in the direction of the “Everything Coopworth” booth and these AMAZING sheep-head-ears!!! 😍 🀣😍

Clearly, Everitte was the black sheep of the family… πŸ˜‰πŸ‘

We saw some sheep shearing…

And so many lovely sheep! ❀️

And of course, I couldn’t resist picking up a few new additions to my yarn stash… πŸ˜„ 

This stunning sock blank by Knitty and Color is a birthday gift from Hannah & Everitte! (Thank you so much, guys!! ❀️) I can’t wait to cast on some socks!! 😊

And of course I couldn’t pass up these 100% Merino wool beauties…

Next year, I want to take a class or two… I’ll need to check out the classes earlier than I did this year because they were sold out by the time I even started looking! 

Were you able to make it to the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival this year? Do you have a favorite fiber festival that you attend regularly? I’d love to hear all about it! 😊

~Happy Knitting!!!

8 thoughts on “Maryland Sheep & Wool 2017!”

  1. What a terrific festival to attend. The variety is wonderful. The sheep ears are fun. What a sweet birthday gift, that sock blank. I like the yarn you picked up; it’s almost rustic and has this vibe like the spinner and dyer made it just for you.

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    1. Aw! Thank you! That’s so sweet! 😊❀️ I do feel so very drawn to that yarn! My heart did a little leap when I first saw it! πŸ˜„


  2. That looks like loads of fun! I like to go to our own Maine Fiber Frolic, which is MUCH SMALLER than Maryland. And this year I plan to travel to Wisconsin for the Wisconsin Wool and Sheep Festival – can’t wait to see how it compares to ours.

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    1. Nice! It’s so great to support our local fiber artists and businesses! Oooh! I bet you will have a great time at the Wisconsin Wool & Sheep Festival! Please post pics when you go, I’m really looking forward to hearing all about it!! 😊

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      1. lol you know I will post photos – robably bore you to tears with my tales. I’ll be meeting up with a bunch of Ravellers for the weekend, whom I have never met in person. Should be fun!

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      2. Yay! That sounds SO exciting!!! What fun it will be to finally meet them in person! No way would I ever be bored! – I’m very much looking forward to your tales!! 😊

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