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The Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival is this weekend, May 2nd and 3rd! I’m so excited, I can hardly wait!! Mom and I go together every year, it’s our tradition! We missed last year because of my surgery, so we’ve been looking forward to this a long time! This year is also special because Annelies is planning to bring Vera and join us! It’s going to be loads of fun!

At the Maryland Sheep & Wool there are so many fascinating vendors with lovely yarns; wools for spinning, dying, and felting; and beautifully handmade fiber craft tools. And I love seeing the animals – sheep,  alpacas, llamas, and angora rabbits! The sheepdog trials are always such fun to watch! And the people! So many interesting people, and so many of them wearing gorgeous handmade items they crafted themselves, or gifted to them by a loved one or friend! If you are in the area this weekend, I heartily encourage you to make the time to stop by!

In other news, I decided that my Lace Leaf Shawl needed to be knit on larger needles…

So, during a car ride of several hours a couple weekends ago, I started over on size 7s (4.5mm). (I had originally been using size 5s (3.5mm)).

Having a second ball of “Row of Tulips,” I played it safe…

I cast on with the larger needles and the second ball of yarn, knit for awhile…

… and then compared the two fabrics. I decided that I liked the fabric resulting from the bigger needles better, so I kept knitting on that one, and pulled out and re-wound the other!

 There’s been plenty of knitting time, so I’ve made good progress…

ready to begin the edging
finishing up the edging

I’m just starting to cast off. Perhaps I’ll have it done in time to wear to the Sheep & Wool?!

17 thoughts on “Current Events”

    1. Thank you! Yes indeed! I am looking forward to sharing pics with you all! Ooh! STITCHES West! How exciting! I have always wanted to go! I’m so glad you got to go with your mum! Did you take pics?

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    1. You are so right! Blocking is top on the priority list! 😉 I wish you lived closer too! I know you’d really love the festival! Do you have a favorite fiber festival near your area that you like to go to?

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      1. We have two events that I love – the Maine Fiber Frolic in June, which I think is a smaller version of what you described and the huge Common Ground Fair put on by the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association in September, which is not all about fiber, but still manages to have tons of it there. And lots of other handcrafts and great organic Maine grown food. You would be amazed what grows in Maine!

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  1. Very beautiful! Funny thing, I moved recently from Maryland to Oregon, and in researching some fun things to do here, I came across the Sheep and Wool festival in MD! I had lived there my whole life and spent almost 10 years as a knitter and never knew…oh my, such is life.

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    1. Oh my, what a shame! And isn’t it funny how those things happen?! Well, if you ever happen to be back this way near the beginning of May, you’ll have to be sure to stop in!

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