Tech Editing Services

Dear Knitwear Designer,

You’ve spent many hours developing a knitwear design, sketching ideas, crunching numbers, grading sizes, knitting samples, and finally, writing up your pattern. You’ve poured your heart and soul into your new design, and you want it to be it’s best in every possible way – accurate, concise, easy to read, and polished. I can help you with that!

Having studied accounting as part of my college degree and worked in the financial services industry as a Member Advisor, Manager, and as a Training Specialist designing and creating my own curriculum, content, and training tools; I am uniquely qualified to verify that your numbers and calculations are correct and to offer suggestions, when appropriate, to improve the readability of your patterns. As a voracious knitter myself, I can handle techniques from simple to advanced and have first hand knowledge of what knitters look for in a pattern. As a new designer myself, I can appreciate your desires for timely turnaround and respectful communication; as well as your concerns for accuracy and success. Having completed the Joeli Creates tech editing course, I’ve studied technical editing as applied to knitwear design, and gained valuable experience. I would love to put my unique skill set to work assisting you with the last stages of preparing your pattern for publishing. Together, we can ensure that your patterns are the best that they can possibly be!

My Tech Editing Services Include:

  • Checking that all schematics, gauge, and written instructions match.
  • Checking that all charts and written instructions match and work.
  • Verifying that your instructions will produce the article in your photos.
  • Checking that your stitch counts, multiples, and rows are accurate and work.
  • Checking math and sizing for mistakes or inconsistencies.
  • Checking the pattern is complete, not missing vital information (yarn information, materials list, abbreviations, etc…)
  • Checking the pattern against your style sheet.
  • Offering suggestions for changes to copy, layout, formatting, or style when appropriate, to improve pattern readability.
  • Checking for consistency of capitalization, numbering system, abbreviations, etc…
  • Checking for grammar, punctuation, typos, and consistency throughout your pattern text.
  • Conducting a final review of your pattern after editing is completed.

Additional Services Available by Request:

  • Creating charts from written instructions.
  • Creating schematics based upon finished measurements.
  • Designing pattern layout.

You may be wondering what it’s like to work with me. Let me give you an idea and lay some of your concerns to rest…

Should we agree to work together, you’ll send me your pattern file. I will then edit your pattern. I will point out any errors or inconsistencies with vital information, and will make suggestions for changes to text, formatting, and/or style and layout that will improve pattern readability as appropriate. I will not make any direct changes to your work as all decisions relating to accepting any corrections or suggestions that I may make are completely and totally at your discretion. This is your pattern, and you get to make the final decisions on everything about it. I am just here to come alongside you and help you ensure that your final pattern is both correct and polished.

I can work with Microsoft Windows programs Word and Excel, as well as Mac systems Pages, Numbers, and Evernote. You can of course send me PDF files as well. For charting, I use Knit Visualizer, and for schematics, I use Ink Scapes.

My specialties include accessories such as hats, scarves, cowls, mitts/mittens, gloves, socks, and shawls. I also do simple garments that have plain construction and simple stitch patterns. My typical turnaround time is approximately one week.

My rates are as follows:

  • Simple Accessories (hats, headbands, & scarves) – $15
  • Complex Accessories (mitts/mittens, gloves, socks, cowls, and shawls) – $30
  • Simple Garments (plain construction, simple stitch pattern) – $40

If you would like to use any of my Additional Services, please contact me via my Contact Form and we’ll discuss an estimated quote beforehand.

Once editing is complete and you and I are both satisfied with the final pattern, I will provide you with an invoice. I am currently accepting payment via PayPal in U.S. dollars.

Please drop me a line using my Contact Form if you have any questions or would like more information. I will do my best to respond within one to two days.

Wishing you all the best and looking forward to working with you!


~Sarah Inskeep