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The Bunny

Meet The Bunny

The Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival is a yearly tradition for me. And every year while I’m there, I visit the Angora Rabbits. I hold them. I pet them. I watch the owner spin their wool into yarn while the bunny snuggles on her lap. Every year I consider buying an Angora Rabbit of my own, and then reality catches up with me in time to prevent me from actually doing it. But not this year. This year I jumped in with both feet and I came home with my very own French Angora Rabbit!

Gris, Me, & Mom @ the Festival

Meet Gris (pronounced, “Gree”)…

“Gris” is the French word for “gray.”

His favorite activities are:

  • Eating (greens, hay, pellets, you name it!)
Gris will try almost anything, even old leaves!
  • Exploring the property (we do this together)
    We’re ready to go exploring!

    Hmmm… where to go next?

    Maybe down by the creek!

    • Sneaking under the deck railing into the flower beds whenever my back is turned!
    What?! Me?! Sneak under there? Never!
    Quick! Before Mommy sees me…!

    • Nose/ear rubs (he chatters his teeth in a happy rabbit purr)!
    Bunny snuggles
    Gris likes to stay close…

    Of course, he has no idea that his name is Gris since I call him “Bunny” when I talk to him. He’s very smart and actually responds to “Bunny;” hopping right over to see what’s up!

    Bunny hears his “name” called

    You see, this year, I realized that if I didn’t do something differently, if nothing changed, I really might forever dream about The Bunny and never get one.

    I couldn’t bear that thought.

    So this time when I was looking at all of the adorable Angora Rabbits, instead of thinking about why it couldn’t or shouldn’t work for me, I thought about how to make it work. And something wonderful happened! I found that reality was actually on my side for a change! I’m completely in love with my bunny, and I’m so glad I finally took the plunge!

    So you’ll have to excuse me, I’m afraid, as I must go and play with my Bunny now…

    Come on, Mom! It’s time to play!!

    Have you ever thought about getting a rabbit? Do you have a pet rabbit? We’d love to hear all about him/her!


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    Maryland Sheep and Wool 2013

    My Mom and I go to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival together. We’ve done it three years in a row so it is now our special tradition and we look forward to it every year! And this is the second year in a row that my sister in law, Annelies has joined us! So it’s her tradition with us too!

    I’m not such a great photographer, but I’m working on it, and I’ll share a few photos with you:

    Mom and Sarah at MD Sheep and Wool 2013
    photo Mom and Sarah at MD Sheep and Wool 2013

    The weather was beautiful; sunny and breezy, not too hot or too cool!

    English Angora Rabbit
    English Angora Rabbit

    I fell absolutely in love with the English Angora Rabbits! Joe (my husband) does not realize how lucky he is to have a wife who realizes the importance of not stressing out one’s husband by bringing home unexpected new pets on the fly! One day, however, I am determined to have at least one (preferably two) English Angora Rabbits! I am willing to wait a very long time, be very patient, and endure many compromises in order to accomplish this goal! 😉

    Spin Bunny
    Spin Bunny

    You can actually hold the Angora bunny on your lap, gently pluck the fiber from its back, and spin it right there! Amazing!

    Mom modeling my knits
    Mom modeling my knits

    After a long and fun day at the S&W, we relaxed back at Mom and Dad’s while Mom modled some of my latest knits and Joel (my brother) entertained everyone by making silly faces in the background! What a wonderful weekend with family!

    What fun times with family would you like to share?