FREE Learn to Knit Class

Do you find yourself needing an escape from the hectic turmoil & stress of daily life? A peaceful moment just to breathe? I sure do! Knitting provides that escape and so much more for me, and it can do the same for you too!

Here’s why I’m so excited to share this skill with you: Learning to knit means saying “Yes!” to giving yourself…

  1. {more} Quality of Life
  2. {more} Peaceful Moments
  3. {more} Creative Outlets
  4. {more} Tangible Accomplishments
  5. {more} Personal Connections
  6. {more} Self Worth

And really, who doesn’t need more of these things in their life?

I know, right?! We all do! So let’s get down to the details, shall we? Just see below for all the info about my FREE Learn to Knit Class, and for the sign up link. I’d love to see you there!

How Does the Class Work? 

This class is conducted in person, rather than online. We’ll focus on learning the knit stitch only {we’ll learn how to purl, cast on, bind off, and more in later classes}. Right now, focusing on becoming comfortable with just one new thing at a time is key to our success. The class size is intentionally small {no more than 4 people per class} so that I can give plenty of individual attention.

  1. First, I’ll show you how to work the knit stitch.
  2. Then, I’ll sit with you while you practice, providing moral support, encouragement & affirmation, and help as needed.

How Long is the Class?

The class is one hour long. We’ll spend the first 15 minutes on introductions & getting settled. The next 45 minutes are for instruction & practice. Then we’ll finish up with a break to enjoy some coffee/tea & cookies.

What Supplies Do I Need?

I know how overwhelming it can be to find and purchase unfamiliar supplies for a new craft; not to mention the stress of worrying about having found the correct items. That’s why I’ve put together a Knitters’ Starter Kit {just $15.49!} with everything you’ll need for the class, plus something extra just for fun! Here’s what’s included:

  1. Needles {Knitters Pride 10″ straight birch wood needles, size US 8 / 5 mm}
  2. Single Ply Yarn {no splitting! 100% merino wool, 20g}
  3. Reminder Card {memory aid for independent practice later on}
  4. Project Bag {custom designed by yours truly!}
  5. Something Extra {a fun + useful knitting tool, but it’s a surprise!}

This kit has been carefully curated with an eye for affordability, quality, and what items are specifically useful to new knitters both now and ongoing. When you sign up for the FREE class, you can select whether you’d like to have a Knitter’s Starter Kit waiting for you, or bring your own supplies. And don’t worry, if you purchase a kit but by the end of the class you’ve decided that knitting isn’t your thing, I’ll gladly accept returns and refund you.

Where is the Class?

This class is conducted in person, at my home in the beautiful Allegany foothills at the edge of the Shenandoah Valley in Central Virginia, just 17 miles West of Dayton. You’ll get an address for your GPS in your confirmation email when you sign up for the class.

When is the Class?

This class is offered every month with several different date & time options. You’ll see a list of the current offerings when you click on the sign up link.

You may be asking yourself: Why Should I Take This Class…?

Rather than repeat myself, {although you can scroll up and reread my thoughts at the top of the page if you wish} let me ask you something:

Why Not? 

It’s a FREE class! At the very least you’ll have taken a little time out for yourself, enjoyed some time with nice people in the beautiful countryside, and learned something new {even if it’s just that knitting isn’t really your thing!}. If, by the end of the class, you’ve decided that knitting just isn’t for you, that’s perfectly fine, there’s no judgement! Don’t worry, in that circumstance, if you purchased a Knitters’ Starter Kit, I’ll be happy to accept returns and refund you.

So, what are you waiting for? We’d LOVE to have you join us! Just click on the link below to get signed up.

Sign Up for FREE “Learn to Knit” Class.