An Early Morning Knit

my brioche shawl in progress, and a nice cup of tea

I admit, I’m a morning person. Always have been. I usually have more energy, can focus better, and get most of my to do list crossed off by early afternoon. After that, things just seem to drag for me; energy flags, and I’m working hard to finish out the day – especially the part where I cook supper once I arrive home… But I like evening too; the quiet, calm part, before bed. Perhaps because I know that evening is a kind of pre-morning – when I wake up, it’ll be morning again with all the potential and endless possibilities of a new day! I really like beginnings! 

Though afternoons tend to be my less favorite part of the day, I do find that an early morning knit seems to help the whole rest of my day run smoothly, even the afternoon! 

my favorite knitting spot

Do you have a favorite time of day? What do you like about it? What makes it special for you?  

11 thoughts on “An Early Morning Knit”

  1. Love the knitting spot! And the knitting, too, of course. I love mornings, for sure, and I also often get through the whole chore list by noon. And I find a day that I don’t start with a spot of knitting is usually a frustrating day. It is a calming way to begin the day.

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  2. I love mornings. It’s peaceful and quiet and I talk to the Lord then. No interruptions. No noise, other than the dogs snoring and the fan going in the background. Just me and a hot cup of coffee and God. I like that.

    I love your coffee mug. Very pretty. Your knitting blends together so well. I wouldn’t have thought of putting those colors together, but they work up nicely!

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    1. Beautiful! First thing in the morning is indeed the perfect time to be alone with God! Thank you! The color combo was a happy accident! ๐Ÿ˜Š


  3. What a stunning knitting spot and view! Wow.
    I adore your mug, those owlies are really cute.
    I dont knit much in the mornings, as I get ready for work, and tend to sleep in on Saturdays. Sunday mornings is just sipping tea and watching the sun rise. I knit best in the evenings, while watching a movie or a series. ๐Ÿ™‚ I will totally forget about the time and can knit for hours on end.

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