Angora, Maryland Sheep and Wool

The Bunny

Meet The Bunny

The Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival is a yearly tradition for me. And every year while I’m there, I visit the Angora Rabbits. I hold them. I pet them. I watch the owner spin their wool into yarn while the bunny snuggles on her lap. Every year I consider buying an Angora Rabbit of my own, and then reality catches up with me in time to prevent me from actually doing it. But not this year. This year I jumped in with both feet and I came home with my very own French Angora Rabbit!

Gris, Me, & Mom @ the Festival

Meet Gris (pronounced, “Gree”)…

“Gris” is the French word for “gray.”

His favorite activities are:

  • Eating (greens, hay, pellets, you name it!)
Gris will try almost anything, even old leaves!
  • Exploring the property (we do this together)
    We’re ready to go exploring!

    Hmmm… where to go next?

    Maybe down by the creek!

    • Sneaking under the deck railing into the flower beds whenever my back is turned!
    What?! Me?! Sneak under there? Never!
    Quick! Before Mommy sees me…!

    • Nose/ear rubs (he chatters his teeth in a happy rabbit purr)!
    Bunny snuggles
    Gris likes to stay close…

    Of course, he has no idea that his name is Gris since I call him “Bunny” when I talk to him. He’s very smart and actually responds to “Bunny;” hopping right over to see what’s up!

    Bunny hears his “name” called

    You see, this year, I realized that if I didn’t do something differently, if nothing changed, I really might forever dream about The Bunny and never get one.

    I couldn’t bear that thought.

    So this time when I was looking at all of the adorable Angora Rabbits, instead of thinking about why it couldn’t or shouldn’t work for me, I thought about how to make it work. And something wonderful happened! I found that reality was actually on my side for a change! I’m completely in love with my bunny, and I’m so glad I finally took the plunge!

    So you’ll have to excuse me, I’m afraid, as I must go and play with my Bunny now…

    Come on, Mom! It’s time to play!!

    Have you ever thought about getting a rabbit? Do you have a pet rabbit? We’d love to hear all about him/her!


    10 thoughts on “The Bunny”

    1. He is really handsome. When I was a kid my siblings and I had a big beautiful appalacian bunny named him “Dude” (white with light gray ears) He followed us around the yard like a dog would. He had a very friendly personality, loved to lay in the cool dirt under the chicken coop. My Dad built a very nice cage/pen for him. I remember in the winter, we had to clean out his house . . . woah, not my favorite chore! He lived a nice long life, spent lots of time out in the yard stretched out on the patio.

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      1. Thank you, Donna! Dude sounds amazing! How cool that he followed you all around the yard and was so friendly! I can tell you really loved him!


      1. I know, right?! His fluff is SO adorable! Yes, I do plan to spin his wool into yarn! In fact, he is almost done moulting now and I have several small bags of his fluffy wool that I’m hoping to spin this weekend!

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