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In Progress

I’ve always been the sort of knitter who prefers to focus on one project, watch it grow, customize it along the way, block it with a flourish, and then move on to the next project.

But I have not been true to form lately. Before I’ve finished one project, I’m starting another, and then another…

A pile of works in progress!

I don’t think I can honestly claim to be a one-project-at-a-time knitter any more because I currently have:
… four shawls,

Lacey Leaf Shawl
Echo Flowers Shawl
Serape Shawl
Willow Shawl, worked in brioche stitch

… one pair of socks…

Daisy Field Socks
The second Daisy Field sock making some progress

… and a baby blanket on the needles…

Simple garter stitch baby blanket with picot edging

With a baby sweater just about ready to be blocked!

Yarn for baby sweater – Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light in Celedon and Fallen Cloud
Baby Wrap Cardigan in progress!
Just need to sew on the ties & block!

Waiting in the wings are: several pairs of mitts for friends , various baby items for my newest niece or nephew on the way, and two toy rabbits!

All in all, I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed and quite behind with my knitting. As much as I hate to do it, I think it may be time to work on bringing my knitting expectations back into line with reality again… 😉

What does your To-Knit list look like? Are you a knitter who enjoys working multiple projects at a time, or do you prefer to focus on one thing at a time?

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A Woodsy Walk in February

This afternoon, I went for a walk in the woods…

You might find yourself wondering, as I did, “What could possibly be alive and beautiful outdoors in February?…”

I found myself pleasantly surprised and profoundly inspired by the abundance of life and beauty I found all around me…

I love mosses and lichens… I find them fascinating and gorgeous…

They are just so incredibly delicate yet tenacious…

Their beauty is subtle, yet endlessly varied…, so that no matter what time of year it is, there will be some variety of moss or lichen about to delight and inspire anyone who looks closely.

When I got to Wolf Run (creek), the water was running too high for me to cross without getting wet, so that was as far up the trail as I got today…

Next time, I’ll bring my waders and I’ll look forward to making it across Wolf Run and up to the rocks! Then we’ll see how far up Wolf Ridge I get…

The walk back was just as beautiful as the walk out…

You could hear Wolf Run roaring over the rocks the entire way!

I just love the variety of colors and textures exhibited by mosses and lichens…

Back home now, curled cozily in the corner of the couch, I realize suddenly that the colors of the socks I’m knitting for my Father-in-Law are very reminiscent of those I was enjoying while out on my walk in the forest!

I’m thinking of re-naming these the “Mossy Socks…,” because now whenever I see them I’ll be thinking of all the lovely mosses and lichens I saw today!

Have you been on any outdoor excursions recently? What beautiful things are lifting your spirits lately? Does your knitting ever end up corresponding in some way to what you’re seeing/enjoying in the world outdoors?


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Knitting for Baby

There will be a lovely new little niece joining our family circle this winter! (Joe and I absolutely love being Uncle and Aunt!)

Of course, I am totally taking advantage of this opportunity to knit lots of fun baby things – starting with this adorable bonnet, socks, and mitts set from Homespun Handknit by Linda Ligon.

It’s called the Bouncing Baby Set, pattern by Jean Scorgie. Ravelry notes here.


Isn’t it absolutely adorable!! (It’s really hard not to squeal in my head when I write/think that… 🙂


I really love the yarn – it’s Tosh Merino Light, by Madelinetosh, which means it is a 100%  superwash merino wool! This makes it super soft and warm as well as washable – perfect for baby things!

I also love how its a single ply – it knits up so soft and cushy in the garter stitch… and I LOVE the color – it’s a gorgeous variegated green called “Lowland,” and it’s hand-dyed!


So, I made the little bonnet first!


The construction is really interesting. You knit it flat, shaping it with increases and decreases just two stitches in from the edge.

Then you sew the back edges together and voila! Adorable baby bonnet!


I think it looks a bit like a tulip… So cute!


And the little baby knee socks are even cuter – if that’s at all possible!

You knit them flat using short rows to shape the foot, and then sew up the bottom of the foot and back of the leg!

I think it’s so clever how they curve over the little knee area to help them stay on…


And LOOK at these tiny baby mitts! No thumbs to worry about! And the cute little ties are adjustable and removable if need be…


These are so overwhelmingly adorable that I may have to get another skein of Tosh Merino Light in another gorgeous hand-dyed color and make a second set …


One thing’s for sure: Little niece will be braving the winter in the best cute and cuddly style!


What are some of your favorite baby knits? Do you have something fabulous on the needles for a special little someone in your life right now? We’d love to hear…

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Too Many Choices!

Look what came in the mail!


They are Swedish Hasbeens, and I love, love, love them!


Since we are standing all day at work now, comfort has for the first time EVER been more important to me than style… but with these I have comfort AND style! Total Win/Win!


You know something else totally fabulous about these Hasbeens?


They will show off hand-knit socks really, really well!

I need to get started on a pair now, so they’ll be ready to wear when the weather starts turning cooler!

The only question is: Which socks to knit?! There are SO many gorgeous choices!

These Acorn Lace socks (knit by agentscarlet, pattern by Evelyn A. Clark; both on Ravelry)  would be perfect for Fall!


I love Hermione’s Everyday Socks! Just pick a yarn you love and bam! Gorgeous socks! These were knitted by Dreamsinfiber, and the pattern is by Erica Lueder; also on Ravelry.


I’m also in love with these gorgeous stranded socks! They are the Stranded Knee Highs designed by Barb Brown from Vogue Knitting Fall 2010.


I’m also totally in love with ALL of the socks in the new Fall 2014 Issue of Sockupied! Here are just a couple of my very, very favorites…

The Daisy Field Socks by Maria Leigh!


And the Time Traveler, by Jennifer Raymond!


Now I have to choose what to knit (first!) 🙂 Suggestions? Ideas? Do you have a favorite sock pattern? We’d love to hear…