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Daffodills & Lace Leaf Progress

We’ve had a number of rather severe thunderstorms this week, with high winds, lightening, lots of thunder of course, and even hail!


But my daffodills are holding up remarkably well so far!  


We have a whole long row of them between the two properties, next to the grapevines. 


Some of them are looking a bit droopy, but they will perk back up! 


And honestly, I was surprised to find them still all in one lovely piece! 


That row of daffodills is one of my favorite things about Spring around here!


And of course there are a couple of hyacinths mixed in as well! 😉 They smell absolutely heavenly!

Stormy weather is also good knitting weather, particularly if the power goes out (because electronics are optional, all you need is a flashlight or a candle or two and you can keep right on knitting!), which it didn’t this time, for which I’m grateful because it’s still a bit chilly around here.


I’ve been working on my Lace Leaf Shawl, and enjoying it very much!


I’ve made it through repeat number eight now, and had to get a longer cable in order to spread it out flat! 


Wishing you all a wonderful weekend with lots of the things you love best!


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The Harbinger of Spring has arrived, Friends…

The Harbinger of Spring (a.k.a. The Robin)
The Harbinger of Spring (a.k.a. The Robin)

… and we all know what this means – Spring is Coming! In fact, it has already arrived! What a glorious thought! For anyone who has doubts, I even have proof!

Look at this…

I think these may be Hyacinths
I think these may be Hyacinths

And this…


And this little guy…

I think this is one of the few Tulip bulbs to have survived the moles...
I think this is one of the few Tulip bulbs to have survived the moles…

I got SO excited when I spotted this brave little guy already blooming away!

I think this is a variety of crocus
I think this is a variety of crocus

And then I nearly fell over when I came around the corner and found these beauties!


So don’t worry guys! It doesn’t matter if it snows next week! Spring has arrived and Spring is tough as nails! A little (or a lot) of snow won’t scare Spring away – it’s here to stay! I don’t know about you, but that makes me really glad!

So glad in fact, that I couldn’t help casting on for a new Spring-time knitting project while I was sitting out on the back deck breathing the warm air, listening to the birds singing, and thoroughly enjoying this glorious morning!

Here’s a sneak peek…


What?! That doesn’t count? Okay, one more tiny peek…


That’s all for now! I’ll tell you all about it another time!

How are you enjoying this gorgeous Spring day?