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Hand Knit Face Mask Pattern

I’m excited today to share with you all my new pattern for: a hand knit face mask!

Since I feel strongly that an effective face mask design needs to fit comfortably on most face types/sizes, “stretchy” and “adaptable” are important key concepts embodying this project. To this end, and for utmost comfort and wash-ability, I recommend using cotton yarn. You’ll need one skein (100 yards/91 meters) in a sport weight. I used, from my stash, Knit Picks Shine Sport, which comes in many gorgeous colors! Any sport weight cotton yarn that you have in your stash will work great too!

A tight gauge is created by using relatively thicker yarn paired with small/tiny needles and used in combination with 1×1 ribbing to create a dense fabric. However, if you wish, your mask may also be layered with a handkerchief folded and placed inside, or worn over another mask to provide additional coverage.

Short rows are utilized to provide shaping and contour to the mask. There are links on my Resources & Tutorials page to two short video tutorials I made for you about how to work short rows, specifically in this pattern. I’ll also be writing a blog post about how to work short rows later on. {If you’d like to be notified when I publish new posts, just click on the Follow button at the right side of the page and enter your email address.}

Finish your mask with simple i-cord ear loops or choose to make ties instead for a more adjustable fit.

I want to encourage us all to be effective with our face mask(s) by remembering that simply wearing a face mask, whether sewn or hand knit, will not guarantee that a person remains uninfected. Rather, the point of the mask is to reduce the range of possibly infected droplets coming from our own nose and mouth as we breathe and speak; and to remind us to keep our hands away from our nose and mouth (and face in general). In these ways, face masks are a great tool for protecting both others and ourselves.

I hope you enjoy my new pattern as much as I’ve enjoyed creating it! You can grab your copy here!*


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 New Pattern Released!

Today, I’m celebrating the release of my new pattern: Twin Leaf Gloves!


Delicate, yet warm, Twin Leaf Gloves are the perfect cozy accessory for all of those slightly chilly mornings/evenings in Spring & Fall when you just need a little wooly comfort to keep you toasty! Knit in the round on double pointed needles, they fly by quickly with just enough lace to keep you focused. Designed for a fitted look and sized for women’s hands in small, medium, and large, I bet you (like me!) won’t be able to knit just one pair! 😉




It’s been a dream of mine, for many years, to begin writing out my knitting patterns so I can share them with you. So today is a very exciting milestone for me! 🙂

This particular pattern, Twin Leaf Gloves, has been in the works for quite a while. The first inspiration for them came about nine months ago at the end of last Summer when I was obsessing over leaf-patterned stitches and fingerless gloves (one of my all-time favorite accessories!). Looking at leaf shapes, it occurred to me that they might go gracefully with hand and thumb gusset shaping for a pair of fitted gloves or hand warmers. As I played around with the idea, sketching and swatching, the Twin Leaf Gloves were born!


Along the way, I discovered that pattern writing can bring with it a rather steep learning curve… i.e.: Knitting what’s in my head, for myself or a loved one, takes some time, but is relatively uncomplicated compared to writing it down and/or charting it out in a way that makes sense for communicating it with others.

Most of the months between then and now were spent in developing and refining the pattern from my original scribbled notes to a detailed pattern with both written instructions and charts.

And of course, then there was the checking and re-checking of the pattern for accuracy; the first step of which (for me, anyway) involved knitting sample gloves in all three sizes = a lot of time and a lot of math! 🙂


Overall, I have to say that pattern writing has been a very exciting and rewarding experience for me, even with the rather larger-than-expected learning curve involved! 😉

My deepest thanks go out to Allison O’Mahoney of Kniterations for her patient advice, support, and superb technical editing; and to Beth Harnett (Hatknitter on Ravelry) for her heart warming enthusiasm and fabulous test knitting! Ladies, you are a joy to work with, and I am deeply grateful for your input and contributions. ❤


And now, to spread the joy and celebrate this pattern release, I’m offering two discount options on my Twin Leaf Gloves pattern:

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Happy Knitting!