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Spring – Again!

It seems Spring has arrived at last, friends!


Our cheerful herald, the robin, is proof! 


 Last year, I had such a hard time getting even one (not so great) photo of a robin…


I ran all over the yard for hours, chasing after robins (who were hopping happily to and fro) trying to get at least one photo in which you could tell it was a robin and not some sort of speck. You would not believe how fast those little buggers are! Nor how skittish! In the end, the only way I was able to manage even one meager shot was by hiding behind one tree after another as I hopped after the crazy robin… It’s a really good thing I live out in the country and don’t have any neighbors to wonder about my sanity…


This year, I took a much more intelligent approach. Or maybe it was lazy? I simply sat. In one place. On the back deck. And I waited. For the Robin to hop close enough… and then… I took his picture! Not the best robin portrait ever, but definitely an improvement upon last year…!


The first Crocus in my flower beds, still closed yet from the night’s chilliness…

Later in the day, when it got a little warmer, it opened out all the way!


There are buds starting on trees, folks!


 And Daffodils pushing up out of the ground!



And it was even warm enough for a lovely afternoon knit on the back deck…













Miss Fox now has a head, a body, and one little shoe-with-sock! Hopefully there will be time for more out door knitting tomorrow…! 

8 thoughts on “Spring – Again!”

    1. Thank you! I’m glad to hear you have a thriving robin population! They’re such nice birds, and so funny! Definitely quite active! I’m thinking next year it would be nice to have a bird feeder… I’m sure there would be many types of birds then!
      I love those colors too! They’re so lively and happy!

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      1. I like to plant petunias in the spring to attract hummingbirds. I also like to put out bread/bird seed in the winter.

        I’m thinking about making some socks in pink, green, orange and yellow. I love bright colors in the springtime!

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  1. Robins, crocus, daffodils, Miss Fox and THOSE nails. They are FAB. I must paint mine blue again. Sadly I don’t have the length. Sigh. LOVING Miss Fox. I am going to redo the elephant’s head I think as I am not happy with it. Plus I have a million shawls to knit! LOL x

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    1. Thank you! Blue will look FAB on you! It’s a bummer to have to redo Esmeralda’s head! I know you worked so hard on it! But if you’re not happy with it, it’ll just go on bothering you and we can’t have that! Good for you for just taking care of it! And whenever you need a break, there will be plenty of shawls to work on! x


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