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Too Many Choices!

Look what came in the mail!


They are Swedish Hasbeens, and I love, love, love them!


Since we are standing all day at work now, comfort has for the first time EVER been more important to me than style… but with these I have comfort AND style! Total Win/Win!


You know something else totally fabulous about these Hasbeens?


They will show off hand-knit socks really, really well!

I need to get started on a pair now, so they’ll be ready to wear when the weather starts turning cooler!

The only question is: Which socks to knit?! There are SO many gorgeous choices!

These Acorn Lace socks (knit by agentscarlet, pattern by Evelyn A. Clark; both on Ravelry)  would be perfect for Fall!


I love Hermione’s Everyday Socks! Just pick a yarn you love and bam! Gorgeous socks! These were knitted by Dreamsinfiber, and the pattern is by Erica Lueder; also on Ravelry.


I’m also in love with these gorgeous stranded socks! They are the Stranded Knee Highs designed by Barb Brown from Vogue Knitting Fall 2010.


I’m also totally in love with ALL of the socks in the new Fall 2014 Issue of Sockupied! Here are just a couple of my very, very favorites…

The Daisy Field Socks by Maria Leigh!


And the Time Traveler, by Jennifer Raymond!


Now I have to choose what to knit (first!) 🙂 Suggestions? Ideas? Do you have a favorite sock pattern? We’d love to hear…

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