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All About Miss Fox

Progress and photos of Miss Fox have been scattered through several different posts, so I thought I would bring them together for you here…

yarn for miss fox

For Miss Fox, I’m using Cascade Yarns Cascade 220 in a lovely rusty brown, cream, and black (for ear and tail tips!).

Her dress will be the Knit Picks Shine Sport in cream with light pink and bright Spring green accents!


I started with Miss Fox’s head. Here I’m getting ready to attach her ears…


… and embroider her cute little face! I believe her ears are my favorite! 


Next, I made her body…


It was a beautiful day for anything, but especially for knitting!


This, by the way, is my favorite “nice weather” knitting spot, which I got to enjoy while knitting Miss Fox’s body and one of her feet!


Body finished! Now on to the feet…!


The feet are interesting…


…because you start at the bottom of the shoe, work up to the top and bind off…


…then pick up stitches…


  …for the little pink socks!


Foot finished! Now you pick up stitches for the leg…


…and of course, repeat, because Miss Fox needs two feet and two legs! 😉

Now it’s time to sew up the legs, stuff them, and attach them to the body! Perhaps next time you see her, Miss Fox may be all in one piece…! 😃

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