So Much to Knit, so Little Time…

I don’t know about you, but I can always find more projects that I want to knit much faster than I can actually knit them!

Here are a few recent finds that I’m adding to my queue…

image image

The Undergrowth Hat by Mandy Powers. I just love the colorwork – and the colors used! Any contrasting colors would work great, but that teal is breathtaking! And the pattern is free!


image image

The Glacier Gloves by Julia Mueller have such intricate cabling. I can’t wait to give them a try!



And The Gamayun Bird Shawl by Natalia Sha is truly spectacular! The feathers look so real!  And I love the rainbow colors, they make me feel happy!


I have recently become obsessed with Reindeer!


Amelie-Claire’s Christmas Reindeer is beyond adorable! It’s based on the pattern for Murray The Reindeer by Dawn Toussaint. A “Murray” would make a great Christmas gift for my niece next year…



And I know several people on my Christmas 2015 Gifting List who will be getting this awesome Moose Fair Isle Hat; the pattern is by ResQCrafts! That’s right! It’s never too early to start planning for next year…

What projects are you looking forward to in 2015?


14 thoughts on “So Much to Knit, so Little Time…”

      1. Excellent choices! It’s so very hard to decide where to start! The reindeer is so cute, and I know yours will be absolutely adorable!


      2. Don’t tempt me! I have got a lot of things to get through before I can start cute reindeer! By the way have you seen these gorgeous toy patterns with all the cute clothes?! when I bought the rabbit pattern all the others weren’t available. I haven’t knit the rabbit yet but when I do, she has to have clothes! And I had better do it before my niece is too old! She’s 10 in May!

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      3. Wow! Those toy patterns are totally beyond adorable! The rabbit! The mouse! The elephant! The fox! And the hedgehog!!! I love them all! I want to make them all! And the darling little clothes are just too cute! I had not seen these before – thank you so much for sharing! 😊 I think both of our nieces will be the lucky recipients of adorable knitted toy animals with cute clothes! They will be so thrilled! Hopefully it won’t be too long… I too have a lot of current projects to finish before I can start cute animal knitting… It’ll be motivation to finish up! 😄

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      4. Yay! I know, why don’t you let me know when you are in a position to make one and perhaps we can do it together, kind of a mini KAL? That way we will be inspired together! My niece’s birthday is in May but I can always do one for Christmas – as well as the reindeer!!

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