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Power Balls!


My friend Amanda, from work, introduced me to a delicious, delightful weapon against the deadly attack of the sugar craving!

Power Balls! They are super easy to make, very healthy, and satisfy my wish for a sweet treat quite thoroughly!

They also give a great boost of energy that lasts. Our co-worker, Kelly, shared the recipe for these with Amanda, who passed it on to me!

Here’s what you’ll need to make some Power Balls of your own:

3 Cups of oatmeal

1 Cup of peanut butter (the natural kind, with only peanuts, no other ingredients)

1 Cup honey (local raw honey is best)

1/2 Cup fresh ground golden flax seed (or 1/3 Cup ground whole flax seed*)

*I had whole flax seeds, so I used my Nutri Bullet blender to grind them before I did anything else. Grinding the flax seeds makes them easier for your body to digest, that way you can be assured of benefiting from all the nutrients available.

Mini chocolate chips or cacao nibs if desired

Bullet blender, oats, honey, peanut butter, and flax seed
Bullet blender, oats, honey, peanut butter, and flax seed

Mix the peanut butter and honey together first,

Then add the dry ingredients because it makes a really thick mixture…


Then roll into balls…

Note: Your hands will likely get quite sticky while you are rolling the mixture into balls. Don’t worry about this. It will wash off very easily with soap and warm water.


Store in the refrigerator and enjoy at your leisure!


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