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This is our first family vacation in a very long time! I don’t know how many years! It’s very exciting because the whole family is going – Mom and Dad, little sister Melody, brother Joel and his wife, Annelies, sister Hannah and her boyfriend, Everitte!

We are going to Aspen, Colorado, for two weeks to enjoy lots of hiking, camping, biking, and beautiful outdoors!

No matter how exciting a trip I’m going on though, there is always a certain amount of trepidation involved when I leave home, such as, “I hope my green tomatoes that I’ve nursed along for weeks do not ripen, and then rot before I get back!”

I always feel sad when I leave home, even on a short weekend trip to Maryland to visit my family! I suppose that is a good thing because it means I love my home! And I generally push my sad feelings aside to make room the excitement of the trip, and reminding myself that my energy is better saved for being happy when I come home!

Are you planning a trip, traveling, or recently returned from vacation? Tell us about it!

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