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Group Knit Blanket for Carrie

A week or so ago, I read this post by Ann Shayne and Kay Gardiner of Mason Dixon Knitting about how we can work together and knit blankets for individuals who are dealing with personal loss/tragedy. It really struck a deep cord with me.

So… I signed up to lead a Team Blanket Knit for a wonderful lady who could really use some warm, wooly love right about now!

Team Blanket for Carrie

I was absolutely stunned by the number of knitters volunteering to knit a square! Within a few days, my team had all the knitters we needed to complete our blanket! 😀


Working on my blanket square! The stitch marker is helping me to keep track of Right Side and Wrong Side. 😉


If you’d like to see all the details as well as more blanket square progress pics, check out my Team’s Blanket Thread. You can also check back here on my blog in the coming days to see our progress. As blanket squares begin arriving in the mail, I’ll be sure to keep you updated on my team’s progress as we assemble and finish our blanket! 😉

Although my team is full now, there are other Team Blankets underway as well! If you’d like to join in and knit a square for someone, check out the latest MDK post about the group blankets and feel free to sign onto a team! 😀

Can I just say that I’m very deeply touched (yet again!) by how loving the knitting community is – so many knitters volunteering to knit a square to go into a blanket for a person they’ve never met and don’t know! Wow. Just wow! 😀 And can you imagine receiving such a gift?! Every stitch so full of love from so many caring people. I am certain all of this love will truly make a positive difference in the lives of all recipients!

Let’s keep on using our needles to spread the love, Knitters!

~Happy Knitting

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