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A Woodsy Walk in February

This afternoon, I went for a walk in the woods…

You might find yourself wondering, as I did, “What could possibly be alive and beautiful outdoors in February?…”

I found myself pleasantly surprised and profoundly inspired by the abundance of life and beauty I found all around me…

I love mosses and lichens… I find them fascinating and gorgeous…

They are just so incredibly delicate yet tenacious…

Their beauty is subtle, yet endlessly varied…, so that no matter what time of year it is, there will be some variety of moss or lichen about to delight and inspire anyone who looks closely.

When I got to Wolf Run (creek), the water was running too high for me to cross without getting wet, so that was as far up the trail as I got today…

Next time, I’ll bring my waders and I’ll look forward to making it across Wolf Run and up to the rocks! Then we’ll see how far up Wolf Ridge I get…

The walk back was just as beautiful as the walk out…

You could hear Wolf Run roaring over the rocks the entire way!

I just love the variety of colors and textures exhibited by mosses and lichens…

Back home now, curled cozily in the corner of the couch, I realize suddenly that the colors of the socks I’m knitting for my Father-in-Law are very reminiscent of those I was enjoying while out on my walk in the forest!

I’m thinking of re-naming these the “Mossy Socks…,” because now whenever I see them I’ll be thinking of all the lovely mosses and lichens I saw today!

Have you been on any outdoor excursions recently? What beautiful things are lifting your spirits lately? Does your knitting ever end up corresponding in some way to what you’re seeing/enjoying in the world outdoors?


4 thoughts on “A Woodsy Walk in February”

      1. Summer here in SA can be pretty hot. Perfect weather to get out and about and do things in the sun. We like to go to places with water, like lakes and dams. Its so peaceful.
        Winter is not bad either, as it does not get so very cold, and we don’t have snow either. Mostly it sunny and cold in winter. 🙂

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